Borgestad Industries is a leading supplier of high-quality refractory solutions to the Nordic steel industry.

The Group is well aware of the many production methods used in the steel industry, each with its own unique requirements. Some methods are traditional, essentially unchanged for many years, but modern methods have also been developed to meet new demands. In both cases, refractory materials are a critical part of the production process and decisive to the final product quality.

Based on long experience of high-quality refractory products and extensive expertise, Borgestad Industries offers both customized turnkey solutions and more standardized deliveries. The Group can take full responsibility for everything from planning to supply of consumables – own refractory bricks as well as own monolithics and other purchased products from strategic key partners. This in combination with installation services makes it possible to deliver the complete solutions that saves time and costs for the steel industry.

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Hollow ware

Borgestad Industries is specialized in customizing hollow ware systems for the steel industry.