Vision and values


Borgestad Industries will be the leading supplier in the refractory market of Scandinavia, and gradually increase the global presence within selected application areas. The aim is to deliver turnkey refractory solutions to industrial customers, to create surplus values for customers and to be the first choice within selected market areas.

Borgestad Industries will develop, manufacture, market, deliver and support refractories and refractory solutions that enhance the productivity and competiveness of industrial customers. The ambition of Borgestad Industries is to contribute to the lowest total refractory cost per ton of product produced by customers. The business will focus on selected application areas and based on individual conditions, the work will contribute to increase customers value in its niche.


The strategy of Borgestad Industries is to offer the most cost effective refractory products and installations, and related technology that contribute to increased efficiency and profitability. The strategy of Borgestad Industries is also to expand through both organic growth and by acquisitions. The growth will take place with the purpose to complement existing business activities.

Core values

Borgstad Industries is inspired by core values that creates a solid foundation and give guidelines of how the Group shall cooperate internal, towards customers, suppliers and shareholders:

  • Integrity
  • Openness
  • Innovation
  • Commitment