Niclas Sjöberg (Born 1971)

CEO and Managing Director of Borgestad Industries, Managing Director of Höganäs Bjuf AB, Managing Director of Macon AB

Employed since: 2011

Pål Feen Larsen (Born 1983)

CFO of Borgestad Industries and Höganäs Bjuf AB

Employed since: 2013

Anders Nilsson (Born 1958)

Business Manager Brilliant Business, Sweden and Production Manager of Höganäs Bjuf AB

Employed since: 1975

Hanna Landell (Born 1977)

Business Developer

Employed since: 2016

Birger Persson (Born 1959)

Managing Director TKnutsson AB

Employed since: 2011

Roger Kvam (Born 1973)

Managing Director Borgestad Fabrikker AS and J.H. Bjørklund AS

Employed since: 2011

Lasse Axelsson (Born 1975)

Managing Director GL Contracting AS

Employed since: 1998

Dr. Sankar Kannabiran (Born 1970)

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Employed since: 2013