Board of Directors

Christen Knudsen (born 1955)


Christen Knudsen is the fourth generation of the Borgestad founder family. He holds an MBA from the Norwegian School of Management and is CEO of Borgestad ASA. He has worked in various key positions within the Group since 1990. Christen Knudsen is the main shareholder of Borgestad ASA and has been Chairman of Borgestad Industries ASA since 2008.

Bertel O. Steen (born 1948)

Bertel O. Steen is a qualified lawyer with the Supreme Court of Norway and holds an MBA from the University of Aston in Birmingham, UK. Since 2004, he is chairman of the board in Borgestad ASA and serves as chairman and board member of several other companies within trade, property, industry and shipping.

Gudmund Bratrud (born 1947)

Gudmund Bratrud is a State Authorized Public Accountant and holds an MSc in Business and Economics. He has many years of experience as a certified public accountant and investor. He has served as Independent Member of the Board of Directors at Borgestad ASA since 1997. Today, he is involved in investment banking and serves as member of other corporate boards.